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"This is a subject of great interest to me, having led organisational transformation projects for ore than 25 years. It seems a highly practical approach it has adopted and the book will be of immense value to those considering transforming

their organisations"

Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar


Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad

ISBN : 978-983-861-860-1

ISBN : 978-967-461-095-1

ISBN : 978-967-461-437-9

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"A very welcome exploration

of modern management practice, providing a thorough but readily accessible and highly practical guide

to transforming organisations

through people."

Nicholas Johnston,

CEO of Educational Competencies Consortium Ltd (ECC), UK

"The book provides a concise treatment of its subject matter. It Will become a handy reference guide for practitioners who wish to understand what is happening in their organisations without becoming experts on each of the areas discussed. The use of case studies assists in keeping the book practical rather than being just another human resource management text."

Stephen Barton,

Co-Founder of WorkplaceDNA, Australia

"This book provides a great knowledge reference and a very practical guide addressing implementation issues that organisations will face during their transformation."

Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq,

Upstream Computing Technical Advisor of Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Musa Ali


He is the founder and director of the Centre for Innovation and Productivity in Public Administration (PIPPA), Universiti Sains Malaysia. Through PIPPA, he has developed an international network stretching from Europe to the US. This network enables him to work with management experts and practitioners around the world especially in his area of expertise; organizational and individual performance management. He obtained a doctorate in human resource management from Murdoch University, Australia.

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