Centre for Innovation and Productivity in Public Administration

Welcome to the official website of the Centre for Innovation and Productivity in Public Administration (PIPPA), Universiti Sains Malaysia. PIPPA is a research-based training centre offer training programme and services through strategic collaboration with partners at national and international level. The Centre offers lifelong learning opportunities to public sector employees in Malaysia as well as to other developing countries.

Among the specialities offered by PIPPA include translating training in practical ways towards nurturing and nourishing the culture of innovation and productivity among civil servants. In addition, the program participants will also have the opportunity to undergo training overseas through PIPPA's International Outreach Programme (PIPPA-IOP) and PIPPA's Innovation Walk. PIPPA also focuses on efforts to develop core competencies among middle managers and this is offered through the Organisational Transformation Program through the Integrated Governance Approach (TUBEĀ©) and other various training activities offered through public programmes. A research-based training centre, PIPPA also conducts research and consultation activities especially in areas related to public administration.

I hope you have a pleasant time surfing PIPPA's website and we are always open to any suggestions for improving our website and the programs that we organise.

Thank You.

Musa Ali

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